Top 10 Myths About Breast Augmentation

April 14, 2023 | Blog

With so much conflicting information regarding cosmetic surgery on the internet, it’s hard to know what to believe – so get the facts straight from the source!

MYTH 1. Breast Implants Cause Health Problems
In reality, breast implants are completely safe and some of the most studied medical devices currently used. Silicone breast implants were briefly taken off the market in the 1990s due to safety concerns but after many, many, MANY trials no harm could be found. Today, thousands of people undergo breast augmentation or breast reconstruction worldwide without any associated health issues. They are currently approved by the FDA for breast reconstruction and cosmetic augmentation.

MYTH 2. Breast Implants Have to be Replaced Every 10 years
There is no specific expiration on breast implants after they’re placed. We have some patients who have had their implants for 30+ years without any issues! But it is true that about 1 in 5 patients with breast implants will need some sort of revision after 10 years. Some common reasons for replacing implants – scarring inside the breast (capsular contracture), rupture or broken implant. Your surgeon may also recommend replacing if you are having a cosmetic breast procedure many years after your initial augmentation to reduce the chance of another operation for implant rupture in the future.

MYTH 3. Breast Implants Are Only Used When Women Want Big Breasts
Actually, breast implants can do so much more than that! Many women choose breast implants to improve asymmetries, help with the way clothes fit and even correct constricted breast deformity. They can also be used to help shape the breast and are especially helpful in conjunction with a breast lift (mastopexy) after a patient has had children or significant weight loss. We use small implants to give these women more fullness in the upper part of the breast, which is often deflated and difficult to correct without the use of implants.

MYTH 4. My Breasts Will Look Fake After A Boob Job
They don’t have to! Results can vary widely depending on who does your surgery. It’s important to select a surgeon who values aesthetics and has enough training to consistently deliver excellence. Rest assured that at STARS Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, natural results. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will take your frame and curves into account when discussing the size and placement of your implants.

MYTH 5. I Can’t Have Mammograms After A Breast Augmentation
It is important to still follow the standard guidelines for breast cancer screening after breast augmentation – including age-appropriate mammograms and ultrasounds. Be sure to tell the person performing your mammogram (mammogram technologist) that you have implants as there are some maneuvers they will need to do to get better views of your breast tissue. They are wonderful at helping women of all kinds get the breast imaging they need.

MYTH 6. I Won’t Be Able to Breastfeed After Breast Aug
Breast augmentation does not appear to affect your chances of successfully breastfeeding. In a large study published in 2019, researchers found no difference between ability of women to breastfeed in the general population and women with implants – regardless of incision site, implant location, implant size, and age. Not every woman has the ability to exclusively breastfeed their child and the number of women who had problems breastfeeding WITH breast implants was around the same number of women who had problems breastfeeding without breast surgery. If you have the desire to breastfeed any future children, your chances of being able to do so are the same before and after a breast augmentation.

MYTH 7. A Breast Augmentation Can Fix Saggy Boobs
Breast implants increase the volume of the breasts. This boost in volume may be enough to camouflage very mild sagging, but it does not actually “lift” the breasts or significantly change nipple position. If you’ve had kids or lost a lot of weight you very likely will need a breast lift at the same time as your augmentation.

MYTH 8. Silicone Implants Are Better Than Saline
Both types of implants are different and unique in their own ways! The majority of women undergoing breast augmentation choose silicone implants (somewhere around 85-90%). They act and feel more like breast tissue than saline. Saline implants tend to feel more firm and have a greater chance at showing bumps called “rippling.” Saline is essentially salt water, which is completely safe for your body. Ruptures are easy to spot with saline implants – the breast simply shrinks in size as the body absorbs the fluid. Ruptures in silicone implants are harder to identify as the contents of the modern breast implants do not spread into the breast when the shell is broken. For this reason, it is recommended for patients with silicone breast implants to undergo periodic MRI to check for leaks or rupture.

MYTH 9. Breast Implants Cause Cancer
There is no known link between breast implants and breast cancer. There has been a link shown between the use of TEXTURED breast implants and a type of lymphoma known as Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma. However, this type of cancer is very rare. About one out of 50,000 patients with textured implants have gotten diagnosed. At this point in time we are unsure of why the association exists but the condition is cured with the removal of the scar (capsule) around the textured breast implant. Due to this association, most breast augmentations are performed using a smooth implant instead of textured.

MYTH 10. Any Cosmetic Surgeon Can Perform A Breast Augmentation
Getting beautiful, natural results from breast augmentation requires a great deal of training and expertise. Unfortunately, some physicians (some of which are not even surgeons!) inappropriately market themselves as “cosmetic surgeons” or even “plastic surgeons.” They do not have adequate skills to safely and competently perform your surgery or care for you after the surgery is over. When you choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for your procedure you know you’re being cared for by a professional with thousands of hours of training specifically in plastic surgery and who has undergone the rigorous board exam process by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You only have one body – don’t settle.



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