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You love your kids. But if you don't love how pregnancy has changed your body, we can help.
After pregnancy, most women notice dramatic changes in their body that diet and exercise alone can’t always address. A mommy makeover can help many of these women achieve their goals. A mommy makeover consists of any number of procedures, which are designed to transform common problem areas like the abdomen, butt, thighs, and breasts. San Antonio Mommy Makeover specialists at STARS Plastic Surgery perform procedures such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentation, and liposuction to restore a woman’s body.
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The surgical techniques used during a mommy makeover vary based on the condition of each of the body parts the patient wishes to improve. For the breasts, common issues include sagging, loose skin, and a loss of breast volume. Some women will have breasts that remain enlarged. Surgeries that may be considered include breast reduction, breast augmentation, and/or a breast lift. For many, a combination of these techniques creates a youthful, beautiful post-pregnancy breast appearance. The most common example is breast augmentation with a lift. For the lower body, it is normal to see loose skin, surface irregularities such as stretch marks, and persistent pockets of fat. These are normally addressed with liposuction, as well as by trimming away excess skin and ‘lifting’ the remaining skin to a new position.


A mommy makeover covers a sizable area of the body. It is considered an invasive surgery and, in many cases, will require an overnight stay at the hospital. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility and can take 3 hours or longer to complete. Most women find the recovery to be a slow process. Walking upright is difficult within the first several weeks, and it is recommended that patients take it slow during the initial recovery phase. Depending on what was addressed during surgery, it could take between 6 months to a full year for the final results to appear. With that being said, most patients can go back to a normal routine in an average of 3 weeks; however, exercise is discouraged until at least 6-8 weeks after surgery.

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Mommy Makeover FAQs

Is A Mommy Makeover Safe?
Because of the nature of combined surgeries, a mommy makeover is considered an invasive procedure. Anytime a combination surgery takes place, the overall risks increase. For this reason, patients must find an experienced plastic surgeon that has the training and skill to perform multiple procedures in one setting. Under the hands of an experienced surgeon, the risks are greatly reduced, and complications are rare.
Can I Have Kids After A Mommy Makeover?
It is recommended that all pregnancies are completed before a patient decides to have a mommy makeover. Pregnancy may compromise the results of the surgery because additional skin stretching and weight gain is inevitable. Patients who are uncertain if they will have additional children should consult with their surgeon to discuss the best approach to take.
Does Surgery Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks may be minimized when the excess skin is removed. The tightening of the skin and underlying tissues will also help in making the marks less visible. Remaining stretch marks can also be minimized after surgery with skin rejuvenation treatments such as laser and chemical peels.
How Bad Are The Scars After A Mommy Makeover?
While a mommy makeover creates a beautiful new shape and figure for a woman, some scarring is unavoidable. Scars are most common with a breast lift procedure and a tummy tuck. The surgeon will make every effort possible to create clean incisions, as well as take great care in minimizing scarring as much as possible. Any scars that result from this surgery will be able to be concealed with undergarments or swimsuits.
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