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While most women enjoy the results of their breast augmentation, some women experience cosmetic issues with implants or decide that they are no longer needed.
When these scenarios arise, the skilled plastic surgeon at STARS Plastic Surgery can perform breast revision surgery, which removes, replaces, or repairs damaged, defective, or unwanted implants. Over time, implants can shift, which changes the appearance of the breasts and can lead to asymmetrical breasts, or they can lose volume or rupture, which breast revision can address. In cases where a woman no longer desires implants, the doctor can remove them with this procedure.
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Breast revision corrects circumstances regarding breast implants. The surgery focuses on removal, replacement, or making a switch from saline to silicone-based implants. Listed below are the most common cases where a patient may be a candidate for this treatment.


Individuals who wish to undergo breast augmentation do so to increase breast size primarily for aesthetics. However, after breast augmentation, some women may be dissatisfied with their results and opt to revert to their normal breast size. Others may want to remove their implants because of health concerns or other personal reasons. Breast revision surgery is a process that removes the implant and tightens the skin over the breast to make sure it sits in a natural position and looks normal.


Despite the guarantee that implants are safe and leakages are rare, there are cases when a shell breaks down. With saline-filled implants, the body will absorb the solution, and there will be a noticeable deflation of the breast. In the case of silicone implants, the gel will settle at its placement location, and the only way to verify that it ruptured is with an MRI because the gel doesn’t deflate. Rupture verification is why a patient with silicone implants must undergo routine MRI scans.


The tissues surrounding the implant may develop scars over time, which creates a capsular contracture. The scar tissue tightens around the implant, which causes the implant to be displaced. The patient will feel the severe hardening of the breast, which can cause discomfort. A capsulectomy corrects this by surgically removing the scar tissue. Based on statistics, there are more occurrences of contracture with saline implants compared to silicone-based ones.


A noticeable rippling can sometimes occur underneath or on the side of the breast. Rippling is generally more common among patients who have very low tissue volume and who are thin. Although not a complication, the unnatural wrinkling may cause discomfort and an unsightly appearance. Rippling is most common with saline implants.


When an implant moves out of the intended pocket, it may cause the appearance of a double breast where a significant crease is noticeable. Implants not properly placed may drop and extend past the breast’s crease or rise, forming an odd volume on top of the breast. Sometimes implants are displaced by severe capsular contracture or tightening scar tissue. Patients who experience this will go ahead with revision surgery, as this condition is usually noticeable when wearing tight-fitting clothes.


Breast implants vary in size, texture, shape, and base. Some patients may be unhappy with how the breast looks and may consider a revision surgery to improve their appearance according to preference. It may be another size increase or a switch from a rounded implant to a more natural-looking teardrop shape. Some patients also later realize that they’d rather have silicone instead of saline. All preferences factor into the modification of the augmented breast.


Doctors tailor revision surgery to the cosmetic issue the patient is addressing. With this treatment, a major correction is done to the augmented breast in conjunction with scar tissue removal, if applicable, or a breast lift if there is sagging. There are instances when a strattice (a tissue matrix device) will be needed to act as an internal underwire if additional support is required. Ultimately, the correction aims to fix the issue that’s the source of the patient’s dissatisfaction.


Breast revision surgery involves general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. The patient may be sent home after the treatment depending on the severity of the case. We recommend having someone who can drive the patient home and who can provide support within 48 hours. Patients can resume their normal routine in the second week. It will take a few more months for the effects of the revision to become noticeable, and the breast to develop a natural feel and look.

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